The Metamorphosis Podcast 

The podcast about change and life changing moments 

There are moments in life that change everything. Decisions we make that turn our lives around and impact every part of our lives. 
The Metamorphosis Podcast tells the stories of people around the globe who experienced change. 
We will dive into life changing moments, turning points and decisions that brought on change. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the devastating, the awe inspiring. We are covering it all! Our mission is to show how colorful the world, how different each life is and how people are living all over the world. 


Your Hosts

Hi! We are Erin and Nora - the hosts of The Metamorphosis Podcast. We are producing and hosting our podcast from the United States and Germany. 

Erin is a Mom of two and military spouse who is moving around the globe approximately every 20 months. 
Nora is a brand new company founder and dog Mom of 3. 

Both of us have experienced enough change in our lives that would last us many lifetimes. We are excited to be sharing stories from around the world that show how truly extraordinary our ordinary lives are. 

Our latest episodes

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The Assistant Director of Chicago PD

Tommy Burke knows what it is like to be on the set of a movie and TV show. After all, he has spent decades on them. Early on, Tommy knew he wanted to be an Assistant Director - the foreman on every set. In the past 40 years, he worked on movies like Mermaid or shows like CSI Miami. 


The love strategist

YOU Can PICK a deliciously juicy life! That is a promise, Cynthia D'Amour gives her clients when she coaches successful women on how to find love. One day, Cynthia woke up and had enough of always being the bridesmaid never the bride. That is why she decided to drastically change her life and go about this entire "love business" another way.


The trauma of past generations

A child of alcoholics and grandchild of Holocaust survivors, Carly Israel faced her own addictions and self-hatred over the years. After she embarked on a journey of healing, Carly realized that her own struggles had a lot to do with generational trauma. 


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