The Metamorphosis Podcast is produced by Erin Howe in the United States and Nora Breuker in Germany. The two met in an online community for runners and became fast friends. It did not take long to take their online friendship into the real world. So much so, that the two did not just hang out in America together, but Nora also visited Erin in Japan when she was stationed there with her husband. 

For years, Nora wanted to do a Podcast and when she had the right idea, it was without a question that she wanted to do it with Erin. 

The Metamorphosis Podcast was born. 

Erin Howe


Erin Howe is a proud U.S. Navy wife and currently a stay at home mom to 2 kids. Having grown up on a family farm in Kentucky, Erin dreamed of what was beyond her backyard. After receiving a degree in Public Relations in 2003 from Murray State University, Erin moved to Orlando, Florida, taking a job at Walt Disney World, where she had previously participated in both the College Program and an Advanced Internship. It was here that she began to taste the adventure she sought in the eyes of the coworkers and guests she encountered daily from around the globe, while at the same time gaining experience in attraction operations, merchandising, hotel management, and marketing. Through a series of events, Erin took a job and moved to Charleston, South Carolina, where she ultimately married a man in the Navy. Reluctantly putting her career aspirations on hold, she dedicated herself to life at his side, soaking up all she could of the travel and adventure it had to offer. Since then, she has moved no less than eight times in the last fourteen years, seeing all three coasts of the United States, both sides of and even the middle of the Pacific, including two years in Japan. For an avid travel enthusiast with aspirations of world travel, it has been a challenging and rewarding journey; facilitating her dream to “go all of the places and meet all of the people”. As a military spouse, Erin has assisted and led several military dependent organizations including spouse’s clubs and Family Readiness Groups, finding community and support with fellow spouses; a critical component of success during inevitable separations and deployments. In addition to being a devoted wife and mother, Erin enjoys distance running, tennis, and studying a variety of subjects from human behavior to nutritional science. Currently, Erin is living in Newport, Rhode Island, USA; but it won’t be long before the next adventure begins…

Nora Breuker is a business founder from Germany. After finding herself in her own little “quarter life crisis” and a job that made her miserable, Nora quit in 2015, packed her things and went on a trip to find her purpose in life and her true passion. She traveled through 23 states in the US and only stayed with members of an online community she belonged to - people who she never met before in real life. While hiking through the desert, climbing up canyons, visiting the largest cities in America and spending meaningful discussions with people from all kinds of backgrounds, she realized that there is no one way of living your life. Instead of choosing just one path, she sees life now more as a puzzle and all the different experiences you make as pieces to fit together.
She also truly learned the importance of finding your tribe. With “From Fat to Finish Line" she built and manages one of the largest online running communities.
Since 2017 she has been regularly on stage, giving lectures, workshops and panel discussions and creating more awareness on the influence and importance of communities. In 2019 Nora founded Runaway Redhead and supports companies and organizations in the development of offline and online communities as well as in the introduction of digital marketing strategies.
Born and raised in the heart of the Ruhr area, the most industrialized part of Germany, she sees the structural change of her beloved home as an important aspect of her work.
With "Digital Innovation Ruhr", Nora has built up the largest Meetup Community in the area and gathers its members once a month to discuss a wide range of topics from IT, marketing and startup.  Furthermore, it is her to mission unite all people from the community industry in the Ruhr Area and Rhineland with the newly built online and offline community "COMM.unity".  Her aim is to bring people together and create more networking opportunities.

Nora Breuker

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