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Aaron Rosa served active duty in the U.S. Navy for 8 years before transitioning to the Reserves. While in the Navy, Aaron picked up photography as a hobby which became a skill helping him make his transition back into civilian life. Aaron has been published in The Photographic Journal and National Geographic and has also worked on an Emmy winning project. Aaron currently lives in Annapolis, MD with his wife and son.

In this episode, Erin interviews Aaron and talks to him about his journey from the Navy to becoming an award winning photographer. 

Aaron shares some of his adventures that he was able to capture with his camera and how different it was for him to return to some of the places he served in, as a civilian. 

Check out some of Aarons works here: 

Under the Sun 

From the Sea

National Geographics

For more about Aaron, follow him on Instagram: @aaronrosaphotography 

Interview by: Erin Howe 

Music in this episode: Liberate by Immersive Music

Photo and Caption by Aaron Rosa/2015 National Geographic Photo Contest. A P-3 Orion submarine hunting aircraft takes off on a mission; operational since 1954, the P-3 still performs antisubmarine warfare in locations around the world, set to phase out by 2020, this aircraft will be over 65 years old. Location Kailua, Hawaii, United States

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